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What We Do

Full Service Hydroseeding, Silt Fences, Erosion Control, and more


It is the quickest, most cost effective and produces the best quality of seeding lawn, landscape and to prevent erosion and sediment loss. We will apply hydroseeding to large fields, homes, construction sites or highways with steep slopes or rugged terrain. Hydroseeding is environmentally friendly and will grow native grasses in the area that is being sprayed.

Erosion Control

We will design and deliver erosion control strategies that will provide effective and long-term stabilization. Our team will repair any damaged areas that are along the highways, on construction sites, at homes, or in areas that have been damaged. The services we offer are silt fences, wattles, seeding, mulching, hydroseeding, rip-rap, minor excavation, and more.

Stormwater Inspection

We provide all services from inspections to erosion control and repair/replacement. Also, we will conduct all permits necessary for NPDES. And we don’t just stop there; during the job we follow all regulations of NPDES, making sure stormwater pollutants runoff don’t affect the waterways and checking everything is being installed properly and more. This is another safety assessment we take on our jobsites.

Hydroseeding. Done right.

Burns Environmental, Inc. was incorporated in 2013 by Chad Burns.  Chad is a graduate of Auburn University with a Bachelor in Environmental Science.  He has 15 years of experience related to environmental, construction, operations, and safety.  These unique skills and competencies set this company apart from others providing similar services.

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Hydroseeding. The Process.

Hydroseeding is the combination of seed, mulch, fertilizer, soil and water, it creates a blueish-green slurry that is sprayed all over the requested area. The pressure from the hose to the surface sprays the slurry to produce new vegetation for seed germination and turf development. The mixture that covers the ground binds the soil together to minimizing soil movement, and traps in moisture to create an environment for seeds to grow. Growth of the grass will start within a week and the new lawn will be ready to cut in about four weeks.

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