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Birmingham, Alabama for a long time has been the industrial hub of the state. It is set apart, though, from others in that it has retained much of the natural beauty that makes Alabama “The Beautiful.”

As commercial, residential, and industrial development continues, it is important for businesses and the public to maintain the natural integrity of Birmingham, “the prettiest city in Alabam’.”

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to do this is to hydroseed the appropriate areas on your job site in Birmingham.

Benefits of Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding Reduces Soil Erosion

For a full description of how hydroseeding helps prevent soil erosion, read our article here. In short, though, hydroseeding holds the soil in place because of the extensive root systems of grasses.

Grass also cuts wind and without this protective barrier, copious amounts of soil would be carried away by the wind.

Lastly, grass grown from hydroseeding provides a protective covering for the soil, so that rain droplets ricocheting off the soil do not carry the soil away.

Hydroseeding Lowers Flooding Damage

Birmingham, Alabama is prone to flooding because of its location in one of the rainiest states in the United States coupled with its lack of flora with extensive root systems compared to the rest of the state that is largely rural.

When massive amounts of rain begin to fall in Birmingham it has to flow somewhere and with a surface that is predominately asphalt, concrete, and bare soil that is compacted, flooding is inevitable.

Hydroseeding prevents soil compaction because grass roots expand the surface area of the soil and therefore make it more capable of absorbing large amounts of water.

Hydroseeding Is Cost Effective

Although buying only seed and scattering it along the soil is the cheapest option for controlling soil erosion, it may not be the best for your site in the long run. 

Seed is more likely to grow less grass because it doesn’t have as many nutrients as hydroseeding.

Sod is the more established way of planting grass in large spaces, however, this is much more expensive than hydroseeding.

If you want to strike the balance between affordability and effectiveness, then hydroseeding is the right option for you to control soil erosion on your property or work site.

Hydroseeding Preserves Natural Beauty

Birmingham stands out from many large US cities because of its numerous natural areas within the city like the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and its surrounding woodlands like Oak Mountain State Park or the Turkey Creek Nature Preserve.

Industrial and commercial development without regard to this greenery not only will devastate the ecological environment of Birmingham, but it will also significantly degrade the natural beauty of Birmingham.

Hydroseeding keeps green spaces in sight of Birmingham residents and keeps Birmingham beautiful.

Hydroseeding in Birmingham, Alabama

If you are looking for hydroseeding services in Birmingham, AL Burns Environmental has the skills and capabilities to get the job done.

Contact Burns Environmental for a free quote on your Birmingham hydroseeding project.

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