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Covering bare soil from construction projects is an important part of any development. Often the companies that are building offices, apartments, and other developments are looking to do this because of city or state regulations and because the aesthetic draw of lush greenery is helpful in attracting potential homebuyers, clients, or partners.

Like any other business, success in construction and development is a matter of controlling cost and increasing output.

If a construction site manager is looking to cover bare soil, he or she will be looking for the method that is most cost-effective. Which method will yield the best results for the lowest cost?

Let’s compare hydroseeding and sod for the Columbus area. We’ll look at which method is the most effective means of growing grass on bare soil. Then, we’ll discuss which method has lower costs.

Hydroseeding vs. Sod in Columbus, GA–Efficacy

Both Hydroseeding and laying sod in Columbus have their benefits, so what your intended goals are for the grass around your development will determine which method is most effective for you.

Some of the benefits in terms of effective grass growth of laying sod in Columbus, GA include:

  • Instant lawn creation
    • When you lay sod over any area of soil, that piece of land will immediately turn into a piece of greenery.
  • Few weeds
    • Since sod is grown in a controlled environment, there will be very few weeds in your yard. This doesn’t mean that weeds can’t appear, just that they will be few and far between–especially while your yard is young.
  • Less dependant on season
    • Because sod is already germinated and relatively mature grass, you can sod your area during colder as well as warmer seasons so long as your area doesn’t move into extreme temperatures.

Benefits of hydroseeding in Columbus, GA in terms of effective grass growth include:

  • More effective long-term erosion control
    • Because hydroseeding grows grass from the seed rather than a mature blade like sod, the grass has time to develop larger, more extensive root networks that reach further into the soil and therefore hold more soil in place and absorb more water into the soil.
  • More options for seed variety
    • Because sodding companies often specialize in growing a few varieties of grass, developers in Columbus, GA who may not want the variety that these sodding companies offer may choose hydroseeding because hydroseeding companies in Columbus, GA can offer a greater variety of grasses to developers.
  • Uniform Coverage
    • Hydroseeding sprays a liquid slurry. This method means that seed coverage is much more uniform across the terrain that needs to be covered than laying sod. This makes growing grass in those difficult to access areas more possible.

Both hydroseeding and sodding in Columbus, GA have their benefits and the final decision about which is the most effective means of growing grass depends on what the goals of the developer are and the type of terrain on which they are wanting to plant grass.

Hydroseeding vs. Sod in Columbus, GA–Cost

Though both laying sod and hydroseeding are effective grass growing methods in their own respects, hydroseeding has the clear advantage when it comes to cost.

According to HomeAdvisor, hydroseeding costs anywhere from $0.06 to $0.20 per square foot.

While sod costs anywhere from $0.35 to $0.85 per square foot. This is the cost for sod pallets alone, not including installation costs.

Hydroseeding costs in Columbus, GA are significantly lower than the cost to sod.

If you are a developer looking for a cost-effective method of growing grass on your project site, contact Burns Environmental. We offer expert, cost-effective hydroseeding services in Columbus, GA.

For any seeding project in Columbus, Georgia, hydroseeding is the way to go. Contact Burns Environmental to get your FREE quote today!

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