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Being the county seat of Etowah County Gadsden, Alabama is a hub for commercial and private development in Central Alabama. Gadsden supports a variety of industries in the professional realm through the Gadsden Regional Medical Center, its banks, accounting and legal firms, and more. It is also a center for other types of industry like education, automotive, food service, and more. With all of this opportunity for development there has been a significant amount of new construction, like the new Etowah County sports complex, and revitalization happening in Gadsden (see the Dear Monty column in the Gadsden Times) and new construction means a great need for erosion control, lawn seeding, and weed control on those lawns. Hydroseeding from Burns Environmental is the perfect solution.


Hydroseeding for Your Yard

Every spring and summer in Alabama the internet is flooded with questions on lawn care. One of the newest and most innovative ways that you can set your lawn up for summertime success is by seeding it through hydroseeding methods. The way hydroseeding works is that it uses pressure to spray what’s called a slurry (seed, mulch, fertilizer, soil amendments, and water) onto your lawn and then usually after 1-3 weeks your yard will start to germinate with grass! This method of seeding your yard is often more efficient than another method of seeding like laying sod and it is usually more affordable too!

Hydroseeding for Your Business

Gadsden has numerous wonderful businesses that bolster its local economy. From local mom and pop shops, to strip malls, to restaurants, to big name stores like Walmart, Gadsden has got it all. Like the aesthetic appeal that a green lawn adds to a home, a green lawn–however big or small–is a significant asset to a business, especially professional businesses and retail. Your customers want to see an organization that cares about the details of their business even to the extent of top of the line lawns. Hydroseeding is a great way to start to improve the exterior of your brick and mortar location and give potential customers or clients the right first impression. 


Hydroseeding for Your Project

Construction and land development are extremely important industries in the Gadsden, AL area. However, there are several problems that can arise for the locale before, during, and after a construction project. Erosion is one of the most common and harmful negative environmental woes of construction, but there is a way to curb this harmful effect. Hydroseeding is a proven method to prevent erosion. Often another saddening consequence of construction is surface and groundwater contamination. This can have deadly effects on not just plants and animals in the area, but humans as well. Burns Environmental is suited to not only protect from this type of disaster by hydroseeding industrial lots, but by also providing stormwater inspection. This will ensure that your project is operating within the law and with the safety of all of Gadsden in mind.

For any seeding project, hydroseeding is the way to go. Contact Burns Environmental to get your FREE quote today!

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