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Burns Environmental is a hydroseeding company based in Auburn, Alabama. We provide expert hydroseeding services for construction projects, erosion prevention initiatives and more.

In addition to hydroseeding services, we also offer other erosion control services like silt fence installation, inlet protection, sediment basin installation, and more. Though we work predominantly in our home state of Alabama, we also offer hydroseeding and erosion control to our neighboring states of Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

Hydroseeding in Georgia

Georgia has a rich ecological as well as developmental history. From the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in North Georgia, to the mighty Chattahoochee River running through Atlanta and Columbus, to the Okefenokee Swamp on the Georgia-Florida border, to the pristine beaches of Tybee Island near Savanna, Georgia’s natural environments are an integral part of the state. So is Georgia’s growth and innovative spirit.

Georgia was the first state in the nation to charter a state-funded university in the University of Georgia. Georgia’s Wesleyan College was the first school chartered to grant degrees to women. Atlanta and Columbus, Georgia are growing at astounding rates. The growth and progress that characterize Georgia must not harm Georgia’s natural landscape and resources if she is to continue well.

In order to ensure that both the growth of Georgia and her natural beauty harmonize like they ought to, developers need to focus on preventing erosion through measures like hydroseeding by companies like Burns Environmental.

Hydroseeding in Mississippi

Mississippi, the Magnolia State, is known around the world as the birthplace of the blues. The natural landscape of the Mississippi River Delta is one of the biggest factors that played, and plays, into the development of American blues music.

The Delta is not only a key factor in the development of Blues. It is arguably the cultural centerpiece for the state of Mississippi. Her food, her industry, her beauty, and more are all defined by the Delta. As Mississipians seek to grow their state, concern for erosion in the Mississippi Delta have to be a priority.

Hydroseeding is an extremely effective means of preventing erosion and the hydroseeding experts at Burns Environmental have the ability to utilize hydroseeding and other erosion control methods to protect Mississippi.

Hydroseeding in Tennessee

Between Tennessee’s Country Music heritage and outstanding natural landscapes, there is a lot to protect in Tennessee.

For development projects in Chattanooga, construction in Nashville, or pasture creation, hydroseeding in Tennessee can help to keep the Volunteer State beautiful and Burns Environmental offers hydroseeding and other erosion control methods in Tennessee.

Hydroseeding in Florida

Over the last several decades Florida has faced a myriad of environmental issues that threaten the natural beauty and productivity of Florida’s natural resources. Most of the causes of these problems, whether it be the shrinkage of the Everglades, pollutant runoff into natural water sources, or the rapid expansion of urban areas into natural environments, are caused by human action.

Many comprehensive environmental conservation measures must be, and are currently, in place to protect and restore Florida’s natural environment and hydroseeding can play an important role in preserving Florida’s natural ecosystem in years to come.

Hydroseeding in Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, and Tennessee

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