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The process of hydroseeding is growing in popularity among Alabama homeowners looking for not only a beautiful lawn but a healthy one. Unlike the difficult and time-consuming processes of laying sod or applying dry seed, hydroseeding creates a “slurry” of grass seed, fertilizer, water, and other chemicals to create a blanket of healthy topsoil for your new lawn to grow upon. So, should you use hydroseeding for your lawn?

To find out, here are a few reasons how hydroseeding could be beneficial to your lawn from the hydroseeding professional at Burns Environmental in Alabama. 

What is Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding was originally created in the 1940s to efficiently plant grass seed onto inaccessible slopes. To this day, hydroseeding is still a cost-effective way to not only establish grass along roads and other commercial properties but even in residential areas throughout Alabama. 

One of the ultimate goals of hydroseeding is to prevent the destructive effects of erosion. Besides the natural factors that cause erosion, development altering the vegetation of an area is typically the largest contributing human factor. 

When people clear land for agriculture and development, the soil is more vulnerable to changes in temperature, water, and other natural forces. Water rushes over exposed soil rather than soaking into it, which increases flooding and has the potential to destroy newly developed land.  

Hydroseeding directly combats these effects. With the utilization of a slurry that contains both fertilizer and mulch, grass seeds have the perfect environment to produce deep roots that prevent erosion from not only natural means but also new construction. 

The Benefits of Hydroseeding

While hydroseeding began primarily to meet commercial needs, it has become increasingly popular among landscapers across Alabama. Historically, homeowners have had two options when it comes to seeding their lawns: dry seed and sod. Dry seed takes a significant amount of time and doesn’t always work, while sod is extremely expensive.

Hydroseeding offers several benefits for any resident looking to protect and beautify their lawn, including:

  • Cost-effective: Hydroseeding any area is often less expensive than seeding or laying sod. 
  • Quality grass: Hydroseed slurry includes high-quality fertilizer and seeds specifically for Alabama climates (this often includes Bermuda, St. Augustine, and Zoysia grass seed). 
  • Weed prevention: The hydroseed slurry helps seeds germinate faster in order to prevent weeds while growing. 
  • Professional application: Hydroseeding companies in Alabama like Burns Environmental can apply hydroseed quickly and effectively, keeping your yard beautiful and protected. 

The Difference With Burns Environmental 

In conclusion, whether you’re a construction company looking for erosion control or an Alabama resident seeking a beautiful lawn, hydroseeding is for you. Burns Environmental offers full-service hydroseeding, erosion control, silt fence installation, safety compliance, and more to any Alabama resident or company. 

The professionals at Burns Environmental know how to get your plot of exposed land from an eroding area, to land covered with a hydroseeding slurry, to land covered with luscious grass. Contact Burns Environmental today!

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