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Runoff from worksites is inevitable. However, harmful amounts of erosion does not have to be. So the responsibility of a contractor is not to stop water runoff from occurring altogether. It’s to curb the degree to which it harms the surrounding environment as much as possible.

Sediment basin installation is one of the best ways that you can ensure that the runoff from your projects does not harm the area surrounding your project sight. Here are the basics of how exactly erosion harms environments around worksites, how sediment basins prevent erosion, and how they are removed.

How Does Erosion Harm the Environment?

Erosion from runoff is not always caused by human action.

Look at a map of the Mississippi River watershed. It’s taken earth from throughout its water basin and deposited in the Gulf of Mexico, forming the state of Louisiana.

However, when humans undertake development projects it creates a disturbance of the earth. This causes erosion at a much faster rate than would usually occur naturally. This can create a whole host of problems. According to the World Wildlife Federation these include the loss of fertile land, increased pollution and sedimentation in streams and rivers, clogging of essential waterways causing a decline in fish populations, and worsened flooding.


Sediment Basins Used to Prevent Erosion

One of the best ways that a developer can prevent erosion is to install sediment basins.

Sediment basins are temporary ponds built at the end of a construction site that catch water runoff from the construction site. This water can carry TONS of sediment. This sediment will eventually degrade the integrity of the land and harm the surrounding environment.

So, by building an embankment downhill from the main site, Burns Environmental can create an artificial, temporary pond. This pond catches and holds water runoff. Temporarily stalling the water, it gives sediments more time to stratify and sink to the bottom. This lowers the overall erosion of the site. It also impedes the velocity of the site runoff. This reduces the amount of erosion that will occur further downhill from the site. 


Sediment Basin Removal

Will the sediment basin be removed after construction? This depends on if the sediment basin is converted into a permanent stormwater basin or if it will be returned to grade.

If the developer or the property owner desires to change it to a stormwater basin, then additional construction will be required. This might include removing sediment and redesigning the basin to meet the codes of local housing and environmental agencies. If the sediment basin is returned to grade, it will have to be filled in with additional soil. Then it must be stabilized using vegetation to meet the codes of housing and environmental authorities.

Sediment basin installation from Burns Environmental is a great way to ensure erosion control and a “zero harm” worksite. Contact Burns Environmental today for a FREE quote on sediment installation today!

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