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Hydroseeding in Alabama is incredibly effective, cost efficient, and practical. But when is the best time of year to hydroseed your lawn or commercial area? For a variety of reasons, fall is generally considered the best season to hydroseed in Alabama. With several important environmental benefits, starting your hydroseeding project in the fall, whether for commercial projects or home properties, can be very beneficial. Let’s go over some of the key benefits of hydroseeding in the fall months. 


Fall weather stimulates seed germination

The weather patterns of fall in Alabama are very advantageous for aggressive seed germination and growth. The soil is at the optimal temperature to support seed germination, which in turn accelerates root growth. This means hydroseeded grass has plenty of time to grow in a supportive climate before the colder months come. The decreased heat and humidity also lowers the chance of diseases in your hydroseeded grass. 


Fall weather limits weeds

Because of the cooler temperatures, there are fewer weeds sprouting in hydroseeded areas, making it easier for the hydroseeded grass to take root and thrive. Most weeds in Alabama grow best in hot and dry conditions, so the reduced temperatures and increased rainfall of the fall months both help to limit the number of weeds competing with your hydroseeded grass. 


Mild temperatures prevent frost

The typical Alabama fall is not cold enough to bring a hard frost with it. Frost can be devastating to grass growth and health if not already firmly rooted. Thankfully, because of Alabama’s mild falls, hydroseeded grass is generally protected from the hard frosts that eventually may come along in the wintertime. With enough time to take root and grow before the winter, grass hydroseeded in the fall generally requires very low maintenance and is highly successful.


Because of the many benefits of hydroseeding your own lawn, a worksite, or a commercial property in the fall, it is one of the most popular seasons for hydroseeding projects. Not only will your hydroseeded grass germinate and take root in your soil, but it will also sprout into beautiful, luscious greenery that has many environmental and aesthetic advantages. 


Hydroseeding helps with erosion control, which is especially important for job sites and commercial properties. Through the process of growing roots and spreading, healthy grass controls erosion by holding soil in place in the occurrence of heavy rainfall, high winds, and other ecological events. Erosion control prevents worksite runoff, protecting our streams and other bodies of water from harmful pollution. 


Since 2013, Burns Environmental has been serving Alabama with top of the line hydroseeding. Burns Environmental is ready for any hydroseeding project in Alabama, even those with tough to reach areas. From personal residences to commercial sites, Burns Environmental’s hydroseeding services have you covered. Along with hydroseeding services, we offer environmental consulting, safety auditing, NPDES permitting services, stormwater inspection, erosion control & more. 


If you are in need of hydroseeding services, or simply wanting to have beautiful grass growing in your Alabama yard, look no further than Burns Environmental. Contact us today to get started, and take advantage of the best season to hydroseed!

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