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There are many benefits of hydroseeding in the Southeast. Hydroseeding is a fantastic option for seed sowing that uses a mixture of seeds, fertilizers, soil amendments, and mulch. This “slurry” is then sprayed over empty plots of land to plant perennial grasses.

For any construction enterprise in the Southeast, no matter the location, erosion can be a serious concern. It is dangerous for the environment and for the longevity of your project. Hydroseeding is a quality, cost-effective and ecologically friendly solution to erosion control. 

The Benefits of Hydroseeding


Because hydroseeding soils contain more water than sod, your seeds will germinate and grow rapidly, typically sprouting within one week. Hydroseeding generates dense, quality grasses with deep root systems that sod simply cannot compete with.

The risk of infecting your new yard with weeds is considerably lower with hydroseeding. Once grown, there is a low risk of weed saturation throughout the new lawn. Sod is transplanted to your plot and can often carry weeds or disease with it. Choosing hydroseeding means you won’t have to worry about the risks that come with transplantation. 

Using hydroseeding will produce much healthier grasses overall than sod or hand sewing. With hydroseeding, seeds are allowed ample time to germinate and your new grass will have a stronger, healthier root system because of it. 


The labor costs associated with hydroseeding are significantly lower, which drives down the total price of the service. This means you can save time while achieving your perfect new lawn and protecting your bottom line with hydroseeding.

No matter the scope of your new project, hydroseeding is the most economical choice. If you are located in East Alabama or West Georgia, contact Burns Environmental for a free quote for your hydroseeding project.


Hydroseeding ensures that each inch of your lawn has even coverage of seeds that will germinate quickly and grow in natural patterns. Hydroseeding also has a much higher rate of plant survival. This means that your newly sown land won’t become patchy as grasses die off. Having a higher survival rate creates a pleasing, uniform look. 

Hydroseeding will never leave your yard with unsightly seams or gaps in coverage. Choose hydroseeding with Burns Environmental for fuller, healthier grass coverage.

Erosion Control

Hydroseeding is the best choice for erosion control as grasses are encouraged to put roots down organically. This is the opposite of sod laying, where grasses are uprooted and transferred to a new location. This type of transplanting can cause the plants to go into shock and die off. With hydroseeding, there is no need to worry about your new grasses dying early.

Natural barriers such as grasses can be used to help reduce soil erosion on your construction site or yard. Perennial grasses are often used in hydroseeding projects for their complex root systems and erosion resistance. To learn more about erosion control using hydroseeding, contact Burns Environmental.

Ecological Benefit

It’s no secret that plants create clean air for us to breathe. This is great news when it comes to carbon emissions from construction sites. The more grasses planted, the more carbon can be turned into breathable air. Hydroseeding can help get these oxygen-cleansing grasses planted faster and living longer. 

Grasses also act as a shield between oil runoff from the roadways and natural resources like creeks and rivers. This buffer is important to keep our Southeast native ecology safe from the harsh chemicals in oil runoff. One of the most effective ways to help create this buffer between oil runoff and delicate natural resources is through hydroseeding.

Hydroseeding with Burns Environmental

Also a great option for any Alabama or Georgia resident looking for a natural, sustainable alternative to sod, hydroseeding easily addresses many common concerns, such as erosion, appearance and maintenance. To ensure you choose a quality product with a company you can trust, turn to Burns Environmental.

At Burns Environmental, we are passionate about the benefits of hydroseeding, and would love to help you achieve your perfect lawn solution. If you want to find out more about how hydroseeding can benefit your next project, contact Burns Environmental for a free quote today!

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