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With the Alabama winter looming around the corner, many homeowners are wondering how to effectively care for their lawns when temperatures fall. Because of the cold air and decreased rainfall of the winter months, it is very important to provide your lawn with all the help it needs to stay strong until springtime. Let’s take a look at some of the best tips for winter lawn care in Alabama from the experts at Burns Environmental


Aerate Your Lawn

After the busy yard usage seasons of summer and fall, your lawn may be in need of aeration in order to help the grass recover. Aerating your lawn allows water, fertilizer and air to reach down into the soil of your lawn and help it grow stronger roots. The process of aeration removes cores of soil and grass from beneath the surface, making it easier for important nutrients to reach the roots of your lawn’s grass. Another benefit of aeration is that it prevents puddling. Puddling is when your lawn has areas that tend to pool up with rainwater, and aerating your lawn helps reduce this problem significantly.

Overseed with Cool-Season Grass Seeds

When paired with aeration, overseeding is able to fill in patchy grass and strengthen the entire lawn during winter. Overseeding is the practice of adding cool season grass seed over your already-grown lawn during the winter. By adding cool season grass seed to your lawn, you also limit the area of growth for pesky weeds that pop up when springtime comes around. 

Water Your Grass Consistently

It can be tempting to neglect the most basic and important aspect of lawn care in the winter. However, failing to consistently water your lawn in the winter, even in Alabama, can lead to your grass drying out. Watering is especially important if you employ the previously mentioned tip of overseeding cool-season grass seeds. By watering and caring for the overseeded seeds, you strengthen your lawn and help fill in patchy areas.

While uncommon, Alabama still has the possibility of having overnight freezes. A common misconception is that watering before a freeze can be harmful for your lawn. However, it is actually good practice to water your lawn the day before a freeze. This helps your lawn by wetting the soil, which is then able to act as an insulator for the roots of your lawn’s grass. Without the soil being damp, roots can easily freeze, leading to decreased water circulation and even the risk of your grass dying.

Avoid Walking on Your Lawn Too Much

It is much easier to wear down the weaker grass in your lawn during the Alabama winter, and stamping down a trail too often can prevent your grass from recovering fully in the springtime. You will still be able to use your lawn, but be mindful of damaging the grass from high impact activities like playing sports with cleats and making consistently used paths through the lawn. 

Keep Your Lawn Clean

Raking the falling leaves can be monotonous, but it is important for the health of your lawn. Also, be sure to clear your lawn of fallen branches, twigs, and any other debris that can find its way onto your grass. When leaves cover your lawn, they can smother the grass, blocking the essential nutrients the lawn needs to grow and thrive, such as sunlight and rainwater. It is also possible for certain fungi and diseases to damage your lawn in Alabama if leaves are left covering your lawn’s grass.  


Winter Lawn Care Tips & More for Alabama

Taking care of your lawn in Alabama this winter may seem like a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. With the help of the Alabama lawn care experts at Burns Environmental, keeping your grass pristine and healthy this winter is only one call away! With many years of experience providing top of the line lawn care service to Alabama residents, we are more than ready to help you with any lawn project. From commercial & residential hydroseeding to silt fences, erosion control, lawn care services, and more, we can do it all. Contact us today, and let us help you keep your lawn in tip-top shape this winter!

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