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Hydroseeding is an incredibly beneficial and effective way to produce healthy grass in Alabama, whether for lawns, landscapes or erosion control. The process involves spraying a slurry composed of seeds, fertilizer, mulch and water onto the desired location, where the seeds quickly take root and sprout into a beautiful layer of healthy grass. Whether you are looking to grow grass in a commercial, residential, or industrial setting in Alabama, hydroseeding is a very effective option with several key benefits.

High Quality Seeding Solution

Hydroseeding is a high quality solution to grow grass in Alabama. The seeding technique fosters deep root growth that is not only effective in producing beautiful looking grass, but also in maintaining the stability of the soil in which it is sowed. Whereas sod is transferred into new growing areas and often struggles to take deep root, hydroseeding catalyzes the quick, deep root growth that sod often struggles to establish. 

The elements of the slurry also boost the quality of the grass itself, which is resistant to harmful lawn diseases that can negatively affect your grass. Hydroseeding is environmentally friendly and uses seeds for the grasses native to Alabama.

Hydroseeding Produces Effective Erosion Control

Not only is commercial hydroseeding incredibly effective at producing beautiful grass at your worksite, but it also enables erosion control. Because the slurry used in hydroseeding fosters deep and rapid root growth in the grass it produces, hydroseeding is able to effectively stabilize topsoil that would otherwise be prone to rapid erosion during heavy rain and wind. 

Unlike alternatives like hand seeding, which are liable to wash away in heavy rain, hydroseeding is able to stay firmly in place as it begins its rapid growth, even in the midst of the elements. This means that commercial hydroseeding is effective at stabilizing soil, even when it is sloped or on steep hillsides. Commercial hydroseeding is a great option in Alabama for obtaining long-term stabilization. 

Time Efficient Seeding Solution

Following the initial hydroseeding procedure, seeds will take root and begin growing within a week. The new, healthy grass will be ready for mowing in about four weeks. The hydroseeding procedure itself also takes significantly less time than the alternatives of hand seeding and laying sod. This makes hydroseeding one of Alabama’s quickest methods of seeding for commercial lawn growth and erosion control. 

Cost Effective Seeding Solution

Hydroseeding not only has a faster installation time than alternative grass-growing methods in Alabama, but it is also the most cost effective solution. Because the labor time required for hydroseeding is significantly less than that of the alternatives, you will pay less for this high quality service. In fact, hydroseeding in Alabama can often be half the price of laying sod in Alabama. This allows commercial hydroseeding customers to grow grass that can not only beautify a lawn, but also control and prevent potentially devastating soil erosion–all without breaking the bank. 

Highly Adaptable Solution

Because of the nature of the hydroseeding process, hydroseeding is capable of being used in essentially any soil shape or formation, even those with difficult to reach areas. The slurry mix used in hydroseeding can also be adapted to fit any of Alabama’s terrains that customers may want to cover, such as next to interstates, construction sites, steep hills or open fields. This means that commercial hydroseeding is able to provide erosion control for various different terrains in Alabama in a way that is still environmentally friendly and practically effective.

Ecologically Beneficial Solution

It is important for the environment to guarantee that the hydroseeding process is not harmful to local ecosystems and the environment at large. That is why the slurry used in commercial hydroseeding contains seeds to the native grasses from the area in which it will be used. This way grasses that are invasive and foreign to Alabama are not being added to commercial hydroseeding sites. 

Commercial hydroseeding is also ecologically beneficial because it prevents water source pollution that is caused by runoff and erosion from loose ground. Whether at a construction site or any other commercial facility with the potential for harmful erosion, hydroseeding’s effective erosion control is valuable in preventing this ecological harm. 

What Sets Burns Environmental Apart

When looking for commercial hydroseeding solutions in Alabama, no matter how big or small, look no further than Burns Environmental. We are capable of taking on any challenge and are dedicated to providing the best service in the industry to our Alabama customers. Our experience and expertise in the field sets us apart from the competition. Give us a call today for answers to any questions you may have about our services.

For any seeding project, hydroseeding is the way to go. Contact Burns Environmental to get your FREE quote today!

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