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Is your lawn in Alabama in desperate need of some work? Do you want to make your neighbors jealous by having the most luscious green grass on the block? The first question to ask yourself is, “Should I use sod, seed, or hydroseed?”

There are a few things to consider when choosing which grass-growing method is best for your lawn like: how high is your budget, what is the size of your lawn, and how soon do you need, or want, a healthier-looking lawn?

Below is a quick description of each method and why hydroseeding is the best seeding method from the erosion control and hydroseeding experts at Burns Environmental in Alabama. 

Sod: The Quick Fix

Sod, often referred to as turf, is the grass that is grown on top of a layer of soil that is generally cut into slices and sold by the pallet. Sod is seen as a “quick fix” and can establish a new look for a lawn almost instantly. However, this is also the most expensive option.

If you have a high budget and need new grass fast, sod is the way to go.

Are you experienced with DIY projects, or do you find that hiring someone else can get the job done better? If you think you can handle prepping the soil and laying out the sod, this can save you a bit of money. But if you want to ensure quality results and avoid making mistakes, hiring a professional isn’t a bad idea.

Once the sod is laid into the place, it will look to be a brand new lawn, but it requires about two weeks before the grass can be played or walked on.

Seed: The Traditional Route

Seeding is a more simple project that you can likely do yourself with a lesser chance of making mistakes. Seeds can be spread across prepped soil to establish a new lawn or save an existing lawn from patchiness.

If you have the patience and are on a tight budget, the traditional method of seeding your lawn is an excellent way to go. Unlike sod, you won’t get instant results but you will have more cash in your pocket. 

The seeds can be expected to begin to sprout around a week to two weeks after planting. However, depending on the weather at the time, it can take up to 30 days before seeing any seeds sprout.

Hydroseeding: The Most Bang For Your Buck

Hydroseed is a liquid mixture of mulch, seed, fertilizer, and other soil additives that is sprayed onto prepared soil. This method is usually done by a professional using specialized equipment, called a hydroseeder, to spray. 

Hydroseeding is often more expensive than the more traditional route of seeding but has an overall higher germination rate.

Once again, depending on the weather, hydroseeding normally takes about a week or more to germinate. But within 3-4 weeks, grass can be tall enough to mow for the first time. 

Which Option is Best for My Lawn?

The two main things to consider when deciding which method is best for your lawn are time and money. Do you have a high enough budget and want your lawn transformed as quickly as possible? Sod is the best choice for you. Even though the cost is high, the quality is worth it.

Do you have a little more money to spare but don’t want to splurge? Hydroseeding is the way to go. This will take a little bit of time for your grass to grow and your lawn to be fully established, but it won’t take nearly as long as it would if you took the traditional route. 

Burns Environmental – Your #1 Choice in Alabama

If you have found that you want the most “bang for your buck” in providing a lush lawn in Alabama, then hydroseeding is right for you!

Contact Burns Environmental today to get a free quote on hydroseeding your lawn!

For any seeding project, hydroseeding is the way to go. Contact Burns Environmental to get your FREE quote today!

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