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Lawn care and maintenance can be frustrating and exhausting. Growing and maintaining a healthy lawn for a reasonable price in Alabama can feel like running up the escalator that only goes down. 

At Burns Environmental, we offer Alabama residents a lawn care alternative to sod or seed that is simple, reliable, and affordable. Hydroseeding is the new leading landscaping technology that will improve your lawn and help you grow healthy, strong grass. 

Versatile Benefits

Whether you need something to cover a spot of dead grass or you want a whole new lawn, hydroseeding is an excellent choice. 

Hydroseeding produces protective root systems that encourage grass to flourish no matter the location. That means whether you are fixing a dead spot or seeking an entirely new lawn, hydroseeding will be successful.

Grass for All Spaces

One of the major advantages of hydroseeding is the ability to grow healthy grass in hard-to-reach areas where grass often fails to grow. Hydroseed grass will grow in one, thick layer without the seams or tears that you might notice in areas with regular seed or sod. Also, unlike sod or seed, hydroseeding grass will begin to grow in a few short days, and be ready to mow in mere weeks. 

Quality Grass

Typically, choosing a cheaper product or service often comes with the cost of poorer quality. The cheaper the product, the poorer the quality. When it comes to hydroseeding, not only is it more affordable, but hydroseeding produces high quality grass that you will not get with standard seeding or sod. 

Furthermore, hydroseeding produces grass that creates deep root networks where moisture can sustain the grass longer. With more moisture, your grass will grow stronger and fresher.

Erosion Control

Erosion control is another major advantage of hydroseeding that will help your lawn. Hydroseeding grows one thick and uniform layer of fresh, healthy green grass which has protective roots that dig deep into the ground.  When the protective roots grow, the roots firmly implant the grass into the ground and secure the ground below. This helps protect your lawn by preventing future erosion that could occur otherwise. 

Decrease Chances of Disease

When you lay sod down in your yard, there is a greater risk of diseases growing in the turf because sod consists of only one type of turf. On the other hand, with hydroseeding, you can determine what kind of slurry is used to grow grass on your lawn. If you want to lower the chance of disease then you can choose to plant a blend of multiple different kinds of turf, which decreases the chances of disease appearing in your lawn. 

In summary, Burns Environmental provides a full hydroseeding service that is both effective and cost-efficient for Alabama residents. It is our goal to improve your lawn with our hydroseeding service that helps Alabama residents produce healthy new grass and prevent erosion. 

For any seeding project, hydroseeding is the way to go. Contact Burns Environmental to get your FREE quote today!

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