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When it comes to Christmas, many people want presents like cars, pets, or electronics. Yet, while unusual, what if there was a gift that could benefit your home for years to come?

Nearly every homeowner has, at some point, considered undertaking the painfully slow process of growing grass or the more expensive method of laying sod. Hydroseeding is a relatively new process that utilizes a “slurry” mixture of seeds, mulch, and fertilizer in order to produce a beautiful and effective yard. 

Here is a brief description of hydroseeding, a few benefits, and how hydroseeding could be a great Christmas gift from the hydroseeding experts at Burns Environmental in Alabama. 

Hydroseeding Overview & Basics

In most cases, a hydroseeding slurry includes grass seed, water, mulch, fertilizer, and other substances. This combination of ingredients produces deep roots and thick grass allowing for incredible erosion control. 

Once a yard, median, or construction site is prepped, a hydroseeding technician will use a hose to spray the slurry over an area. Professionals, like Burns Environmental, use commercial hydroseeding equipment, including a large storage tank and motor to distribute the slurry. 

Hydroseeding Compared to Other Tactics 

Beyond hydroseeding, there are other popular methods of getting that beautiful lawn. A few of these include laying sod and traditional seeding, but how do they compare to hydroseeding?

Laying Sod

Sod can be enticing, especially since your yard is complete as soon as you lay it. Yet, while the “instant” nature of sod is appealing, the cost is not. Due to the labor and nature of laying sod, it is often the most expensive option. 

While hydroseeding takes a longer amount of time to develop, it is often half the price. Plus, without the necessary care, sod can fail to take root, allowing the unpredictable water erosion of Alabama to destroy your lawn with ease. 

Traditional Seeding

With it being the most limitless and cost-effective option, traditional seeding is perhaps the most popular method of growing grass for Alabama homeowners. Yet, it is also the most labor-intensive. 

To seed correctly, you must prepare your soil, spread seed and fertilizer, add amendments, then diligently water to promote germination. Furthermore, it could be upwards of 10 weeks before you see any sort of results. 

In contrast, while hydroseeding is more expensive, it does all the work for you. You can almost guarantee a beautiful new lawn with a dedicated mixture and tools to spread the slurry effectively. 

Give the Gift of Hydroseeding This Christmas

While hydroseeding is far from a conventional Christmas gift, it’s the memories that come from it that matter. A new yard can inspire community, build relationships, and bring joy for years to come. If you are ready to hydroseed your yard this holiday season, contact Burns Environmental in Alabama today!

For any seeding project, hydroseeding is the way to go. Contact Burns Environmental to get your FREE quote today!

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