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If you live in Alabama, you may have noticed that grass tends to grow faster during the spring. This becomes especially apparent when you have to mow your lawn more and more. While this can certainly be a hassle, it is also an opportunity to grow beautiful new grass fast. But why is this the case? Let’s look over some of the reasons why grass grows faster during springtime in Alabama.


Spring Temperatures

The ideal temperature for grass growth in Alabama is around 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Alabama’s spring months of March, April and May typically bring temperatures that fall in this range for a majority of their season. This is one of the main reasons why grass grows at a faster rate in the spring than in other seasons. 

The reason why this is the best temperature range for accelerated grass growth is that this temperature range fosters seed germination. Seed germination is the process by which seeds sprout into grass. This happens under the right conditions, which are mainly dependent on soil temperature and watering level. This leads us to our next reason as to why grass grows faster in the springtime.


Spring Rainfall Levels

Another reason why grass grows faster in the fall is the increased rainfall. The old saying, April showers bring May flowers, rings true for grass growth as well as flowers. Spring typically has the most days with rain in Alabama of all the seasons, so it is no wonder that grass is able to grow quicker in this season. 

Without ample water, grass requires additional watering routines to help it grow at a normal rate, which is why growing grass in seasons with less rain requires more work. Alabama residents who want to grow a lawn during seasons with less rainfall need to develop a supplemental watering system if they hope to see optimal growth. Thankfully, the weather of a typical spring in Alabama takes care of most of this for us. 


Spring Hydroseeding for Erosion Control and Grass Growth

Using the hydroseeding method for erosion control and lawn growth in the spring is one the most effective grass-growing methods in Alabama. Hydroseeding involves spraying a slurry of seeds, fertilizer, water, and mulch on a designated area. The hydroseeding slurry then sprouts into a vibrant and deep-rooted patch of grass in a quick period of time. This effective and cost-efficient method can be used for commercial and residential applications. 

For job sites, hydroseeding is an amazing erosion control agent. Hydroseeding is able to secure soil through the network of grass roots, limiting topsoil runoff and preventing waterway pollution. 

For residential areas, hydroseeding is also a great way to grow a beautiful lawn of grass. This is why many Alabama homeowners opt to use hydroseeding to grow their incredible lawns. The hydroseeding process can be done year-round in Alabama, but is poised to be most effective during the spring and fall months. As mentioned earlier, this is because of advantageous temperatures and rainfall levels, which foster accelerated grass growth. 


Spring Hydroseeding With Burns Environmental

The Alabama hydroseeding and erosion control experts at Burns Environmental are ready to help with any commercial or residential hydroseeding project in Alabama. Burns Environmental also offers environmental services that include silt fence installation, environmental consulting, NPDES permitting, safety auditing, and more.

This spring is the perfect time to start your new project and grow beautiful green grass. Contact Burns Environmental to get a quote or arrange your next Alabama hydroseeding project today! 

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